The team at Vehicle Crash Repairs are delighted to announce we’ve moved to a new and improved HQ in Milton Keynes! The new state-of-the-art facility marks an exciting chapter in our business journey. You’ll now find us in Newberry House, Michigan Drive, Tongwell, MK15 8HQ. We’re super excited to welcome you to our new home, so come by and say hello or get your vehicle booked in for repair!

A New Beginning

Over the last few years, Vehicle Crash Repairs has seen enormous growth thanks to our fantastic customer base. In order to further this trend, we’ve invested in an impressive new base to level up our business operations.

For the last decade, our previous home in Bletchley has more than served us well. Having laid the foundations for Vehicle Crash Repairs, we owe a lot to our humble beginnings. However, this relocation marks a significant milestone in our company’s timeline.

How To Get Here

Our new location is on the opposite side of Milton Keynes from our previous Bletchley base; however, our new HQ was selected with convenience in mind. Just 7 minutes from the M1, we’re now much more accessible to customers coming from outside of Milton Keynes.

Located in the heart of Tongwell’s industrial area, our new building boasts plenty of space inside and out. As a result, the site is accessible for all vehicles, and customers needing to manoeuvre their vehicles outside the premises will have no issues.

With the beautiful Tongwell Lake just a 10-minute walk away, customers whose vehicles are undergoing super quick services can take a scenic break while they wait. Alternatively, for something to eat, you’ll find plenty of options 15 minutes away in Willen.

Going Green

The move comes as part of our company’s mission to become the first carbon-neutral repair centre in Milton Keynes, so we’ve invested in the greenest technology on the market. Our brand-new electric spray booths use renewable energy to release no carbon emissions, and our streamlined repair process ensures maximum energy efficiency. If you’re looking for crash repairs in Milton Keynes, make sure you go green!

If, like us, you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, there are plenty of options when it comes to how you use your vehicle. For example, routine preventative maintenance allows your car to run more efficiently and reduce carbon emissions. Simple tasks like changing the oil and replacing the air filters can make your car significantly more environmentally conscious.

How you drive also plays a big role in the carbon emissions you release. Maintaining steady speeds where possible and avoiding frequent braking are both massively effective in reducing your environmental impact. In fact, aggressive driving (speeding) can lower your petrol mileage by about 15-30% on motorways and 10-40% in stop-and-go traffic.

What’s New?

Our new repair centre comes stocked with cutting-edge technology to tackle any challenge. So, for bodywork repairs from accidents big or small, our expert technicians have everything they need to offer you the best service possible. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the latest additions to our arsenal.

Refreshed Reception

Our customers are at the heart of our new repair centre, so we’ve invested in a super stylish and ultra-welcoming reception space. Our new-look waiting area is filled with cosy leather seating and greenery that’ll have you feeling right at home. Finished with a modern and minimalistic touch, this space is a massive upgrade from our previous reception.

Hunter 4-Wheel Alignment System

Hunter are at the top of the game when it comes to wheel alignment, and for good reason. We’ve installed their award-winning collision alignment system to ensure our clients benefit from service of the highest standard in a reduced time. Using in-house alignment, we’ll save our customers an average of two days per repair.

Come On Down

Whether you’re looking to get your vehicle booked for repair at our Tongwell body shop or simply want to check out the new space, get in touch with us at Vehicle Crash Repairs, where we’d be more than happy to cater to your needs. We’re more excited than ever to welcome you at Vehicle Crash Repair and can’t wait to build a home at our new HQ!

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