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After a collision, one crucial aspect that is often overlooked is the alignment of the wheels. While the visible damage may be concentrated on the bodywork, the impact of an accident can also cause wheel issues, leading to camber, caster and toe misalignment, all problems that can impact your steering stability.

At Vehicle Crash Repairs, we offer advanced four-wheel alignment with a quick turnaround, using computerised alignment to ensure accurate results every time.

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Signs You Need Four-Wheel Alignment

Although the most common cause of wheel misalignment is a collision, it isn’t uncommon to experience issues due to general wear and tear. In fact, it’s recommended to get your wheels aligned every two to three weeks, so if you notice any of the following signs, we strongly recommend booking an appointment:

  •   Your vehicle is pulling in one direction
  •   Your brakes are not performing efficiently
  •   Your tyres show uneven or rapid wear
  •   Your steering wheel is crooked even when driving straight

We Use A Streamlined Process For A Fast Turnaround

Having provided wheel alignment for more than ten years, our team have streamlined their processes to ensure you can get back on the road without any delays. Here is what to expect when booking with us:


One of our qualified technicians will inspect your vehicle’s alignment to assess the extent of the misalignment.



Adjustments will be made to the camber, caster and toe angles to bring them back to the manufacturer’s specifications.



We will conduct a test drive to ensure that your vehicle handles properly and drives straight.


Final Inspection

Before being returned to you, one final inspection will be performed to ensure all components function correctly.


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