Don’t Let Your Insurer Dictate Who Repairs Your Vehicle

If you have been involved in a car accident and opted for repairs through your insurance provider, it’s important to understand your rights. Many assume that their insurance provider makes the decisions and they have no power over their repairs; however, this isn’t the case. Always remember that:

  •   You only need one estimate from an insurance-approved garage.
  •   You can choose where your repairs are carried out.
  •   You are entitled to reimbursement of any financial loss.
What Are Your Rights?

The Vehicle Body Repairers Association Says:

It’s your car, and you choose where to have it repaired. The Office of Fair Trading, the Association of British Insurers, and the Financial Services Authority all agree that it’s your right to decide who repairs your car.

Repairing Your Car With Vehicle Crash Repairs

As an insurance-approved accident repair centre, we ensure a smooth, professional service, helping you to get back on the road as quickly as possible. When choosing VCR as your repair centre of choice, we will ensure the following:

  •   All repairs will come with a full warranty with us, not your insurer.
  •   We will provide you with a loan car for the duration of your repairs
  •   You can receive a contribution towards your excess*
  •   If your insurer has written off your car, we can give a second opinion.