Choosing the right alloy wheel paint can sometimes be a tricky task, more so when you have no idea of what colour you are actually looking for. If you are trying to find your alloy wheel spray paint and want to know how to paint your alloy wheels were are about to tell you all you need to know.

Alloys wheel spray paint

Have you ever looked at your alloy wheels and thought they are the one thing letting the aesthetic of your car down. You will also notice that with better alloy wheel the performance of your car will also improve. There are so many colours you can now change your alloys to; you don’t just have to keep them silver.

Benefits of alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are a great upgrade to make to your vehicle. Alloy wheels can be more expensive than the original steel plated ones. Alloy wheels are often chosen to increase the value of your vehicle. Some are made for specific makes and models which you can choose when purchasing a car, you have had your car for a long period of time and are now choosing to have alloy wheels we recommend taking a look at your car manual for relevant information.

Aesthetic appeal

There is no doubt that alloy wheels look a lot better in comparison to steel wheels and hubcaps. You can get alloy wheels in a variety of sizes and styles to best suit your car model. When looking for alloy wheels, you can also find them in a range of finishes such as chrome, painted or polished. If you are looking for something more unique you can either spray them with special spray paint or go to custom companies such as Image Wheels.


Aluminium is one of the key materials to make your alloy wheels which is extremely lightweight. Alloy wheels are classified as the unsprung weight which means that the weight of the wheels is not supported by the car’s suspension. Compared to normal steel wheels alloy wheels decrease the unsprung weight which means there is an improvement in the handling and steering of the vehicle. If the wheels are lighter, you may experience your car accelerating faster.

Increased value

If you fit alloy wheels to your vehicle, you may notice that when it comes to selling your vehicle, you see a significant increase in the resale value. At the very least if you find that it hasn’t increased the vehicle it should make it a lot easier for resale, even more so if your car is in great condition.

How to spray your alloy wheels

If you have taken the plunge and decided to revamp your alloy wheels we recommend taking the next few steps to ensure your car wheels look perfect. Some people think it is easy to spray alloy wheels and it is when you know exactly what to do.

Step 1

Once you have removed the wheel from your car, you will want to deflate and break the tyre. It is possible if you do not wish to take the tyre off is to pull the tyre away and heavily mask with tape to prevent the rubber from being sprayed.

Step 2

You will then want to remove any dust and dirt away from the alloy to ensure the paint adheres sufficiently without any bubbling or marks. When you remove your tyre, you will find that there is a lot of dirt, grease and brake dust. If you have a paint coating already on the alloy wheel, you will also want to remove this as it may be flaking and could also prevent the paint from attaching.

Step 3

Whatever you do you will want to make sure that wherever you decide to spray the wheel, you have it in well lit. Ventilated and warm locations will ensure the paint dries properly.

Step 4

If you are unsure of what colour to go for you can contact Pro Aerosols who offer car spray paints and have most colours for alloy wheels, they can also help with matching colours if you want to be more specific. If you have found your colour already, we recommend priming the wheels beforehand to ensure the paint adheres properly.

Care for alloy wheels

Once you have sprayed you alloy wheels, we recommend washing your car every two weeks to ensure the paintwork isn’t damaged by corrosion. Dirt can also scrape and scratch alloy wheels when left too long so maintaining and caring for them regularly will mean you wont have to replace the paint.


Aluminium alloy wheels are great for anyone who wishes to improve the performance and look of their vehicle. Not only can they make your drive smoother but they can also allow your car to go that bit faster. Purchasing alloy wheels over steel wheels is a sound investment, when it comes to selling your car you will soon find that it will increase the price of your car. Alloy wheels are often more favoured as they are more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to steel hubs. You will also find they are more durable and long-lasting.

When you go to purchase new alloy wheels, you should make sure you are buying the right wheels. If you are unsure of what alloy wheels to choose you should refer back to the car manual. Due to alloy wheels being expensive you should take time to clean and take care of your alloys as they are not something you want to be often changing.

If you are thinking of respraying or revamping your current alloy wheels we recommend following our step by step process to ensure your wheel achieve the perfect finish.

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