We recently fixed a driving instructor’s car due to a rear-end collision that happened during one of their driving lessons.

Accidents during driving lessons are usually rare due to the fact the majority of learner drivers are in a car that has dual controls.

On this occasion however, the vehicle that crashed into the learner was distracted by their mobile phone as they approached a roundabout.

This is the most typical accident for driving instructors because learner drivers are more likely to stall and roll back during their lessons.

When Mark from DRIVE 321 brought his car into us, we assessed the damage; luckily, it was incredibly minor.

DRIVE 321 Mercedes

Mark has been providing driving lessons in Milton Keynes for over six years, and this was his first accident.

We assessed the car, and other than a dent in the rear bumper it was relatively intact, but it was heavily scratched.

We often find that many of our clients are instructors who want their cars to look professional, as this is something that many are judged on. As a result, we focused on removing the car’s scratches and dents.

Mark is a top-rated instructor in Milton Keynes and, due to being self-employed, he needed his car back quickly, which we were able to do – he had his car back within 24 hours of bringing it to us.

If you have had an accident or know of someone who has – get in touch with us as we can help get your car looking brand new again.

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