Terms & Conditions

By using the Vehicle Crash Repairs services, I agree to the Terms & Conditions set out below.

Customer Declaration

As the driver/owner, I understand that leaving personal belongings in the vehicle is at my own risk and that Vehicle Crash Repairs will accept no liability for missing contents.

As the driver/owner, I acknowledge that when the vehicle is inspected, if it isn’t clean, there are poor weather conditions, or there is limited visibility, a thorough assessment cannot be carried out. Should these circumstances apply, Vehicle Crash Repairs will accept no liability for any further damage found.

As the driver/owner, should a dash cam be fitted to the vehicle, I can confirm that it has been switched off in accordance with Data Protection legislation. If I fail to switch off the dash cam, I accept that I cannot view or publish the footage without prior consent from Vehicle Crash Repairs.

Paint Warranty

All our retail work comes with a 24-month paint warranty. Our paint warranty for insurance work is dependent on your policy terms and conditions. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Paint warranty is invalid for any of the reasons below:
  • Previously repaired or painted panels
  • Panels with existing rust or corrosion
  • Panels affected by bird droppings
  • Panels defective with clear new damage either caused by yourself or a 3rd party after we have carried out any repairs/paint, i.e. fresh stone chips, scratches, dents or misalignment

Parts Warranty

All new genuine manufacturer parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please check directly with the manufacturer. No warranty is given on parts supplied to us by our customer. No warranty is given on green parts (used) or aftermarket parts.

Lease Returns

Vehicle Crash Repairs accepts no liability for lease returns for privately paid work.

Modified Vehicle Warranty

Vehicle Crash Repairs cannot be responsible for any aftermarket modifications or parts carried out on a vehicle before we have started work, and we can only repair the damaged area back to the manufacturer’s specification unless otherwise agreed. It will be the customer’s responsibility to refit aftermarket or modified parts unless agreed with us prior to repairs. We cannot be responsible for the refitting of any retrofit parking sensors or cameras that may incur damages or stop working while stripping off the vehicle or from accident damage.

Excess Contribution Scheme

We will cover any surplus excess put on top of your existing excess for using us up to a maximum of £250.

Insurance Repairs Terms

I agree to pay Vehicle Crash Repairs the total excess and any VAT against repairs if liable before collection of my vehicle.